Something different is possible.

The mission of Harmony Academy is to provide a safe, sober and supportive gold standard education for youth in recovery, where they can develop the skills and strengths needed for personal, academic, vocational and community success.

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How we work

As a tuition-free public charter school, Harmony Academy's primary focus is helping students earn their diploma. So is supporting happy teenagers. Our comprehensive recovery program includes services and guidance for healthy brains, bodies and hearts tailored to each student. 

Harmony Academy will bring together the best minds in Oregon across education, healthcare, youth treatment and recovery support to build our state’s first high school exclusively for students impacted by substance use disorders.


Recovery and learning take boldness and courage.

We help young people tap into their strengths to accomplish both.

Why we're needed

Our students are not statistics, yet the numbers tell a compelling story of their own:


of all high school students currently use an addictive substance with 1 in 3 qualifying as the medical definition of addiction


of teens relapse within months of treatment


of youth are clean & sober 1 year after enrolling in recovery HS


Oregon's rank for providing substance use treatment to adolescents in need


GPAs in college after graduating from a recovery HS vs. average undergrad

“I would have given anything to attend a school where my recovery was honored and supported. Instead I was returned to my previous high school (and old friends) after completing drug treatment. Not surprisingly I relapsed (and nearly died) within the first 45 days. I know first-hand that kids in Oregon need and deserve a school that treats their recovery status like the life and death matter it is.”

Former PPS Student

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