2022-2023 Academic Year

Frequently Asked Questions

My student is still in treatment, wilderness, or residential programs. What should I do?

Call to set up a phone interview or tour with the principal. After the phone call or tour, you can decide if the program seems like a good fit for your student. The family and school will then set up a phone call or in-person interview with the student while in treatment. The family will need to complete as much of the basic application as possible and collaborate, when appropriate, with the student’s current program.

Are parents the only ones who can start the application process?

No, professionals from treatment centers, juvenile justice, therapists, social workers, and students themselves can all begin the process by calling to arrange an interview.

Can I reserve a spot for a student who is getting out of treatment, residential care, juvenile detention, etc.?

Absolutely. Please alert Harmony Staff of the impending release date five to ten days prior to the intended enrollment/start date. The principal would like to meet with the student in-person prior to attending (if not already done so).

What if we need more time to decide?

If a student is offered an enrollment spot, the family can take time to decide if Harmony is where they want to attend. We ask that a decision is made within five business days.

My student has an IEP [or a 504 plan]. What do I need to do to inform the school?

Please provide the main office with a copy of your student’s IEP [or 504 plan]. This will help the process move more quickly. Harmony works with the Lake Oswego School District to provide special education services for students on IEPs. For students with a 504 plan, the Harmony team (including the student’s parent/guardian) will review accommodations and update them as appropriate for the new school environment.

Is there a limit on the number of students enrolled?

No, however, at times throughout the school year, there may be a brief waiting period for new students to enter the program while we adjust for staffing.