Education with Support

As a tuition-free public charter school sponsored by the Lake Oswego School District, Harmony Academy provides for a full Oregon diploma, and personalizes the support each student receives in pursuit of a bright, vibrant future after high school.

Designed in alignment with a Vanderbilt University research-validated model, Harmony Academy is a free public school-of-choice open to any student from across the Portland metropolitan area. By helping students work toward strong academic outcomes while offering a comprehensive system of recovery supports, Harmony Academy is able to provide a promise like no other to parents: the path to a robust vision for a substance-free future for their children.

Oregon State Diploma Credit Requirements

Subject Areas


Language Arts*

The graduation requirement for “English Language Arts” was revised to “Language Arts” with the passage of Access to Linguistic Inclusion in 2021.

4 credits


Must be Algebra I and above

     Courses aligned to the adopted Algebra, Geometry, and Data Reasoning standards meet this requirement

3 credits


Must include Scientific Inquiry and Lab Experiences

      Lab experiences can take place outside of school, in field-based experiences

3 credits

Social Sciences*

Must include at least 0.5 credit from Civics, starting with students graduating in 2026

3 credits


1 credit

Physical Education

1 credit

World Languages


Career and Technical Education

Credits may come from any of these content areas

3 credits


6 credits


24 Credits

*All core classes follow the Oregon State Standards in every subject. They are the guidelines of our curriculum as we have the ability to target subjects of student interest to increase engagement while continuing to push students to further their knowledge in core subjects. 

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Oregon State Diploma Personalized Learning Requirements

As a part of obtaining a diploma, students are also required to plan for their post-high school education. These personalized learning requirements with the Oregon State Diploma give students  the framework to prepare for life after high school.

  • My Plan Essay - Documents a student's goals and aspirations for after high school.
  • Career-Related Learning Experiences - Structured experiences that connect learning to the world outside the classroom.
  • Resumé

Harmony Academy Course Material

English: English I, English II, English III, English IV. All courses include content analysis of themes and ideas with lived experiences. Creative Writing. Research Writing.

Mathematics: Foundations of Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II with some connections to Trigonometry.

Science: Biology I, General Oregon State Science Standards with parts of Chemistry & Genetics.

Social Science (Humanities): World History. US History. Civics. All course material is rooted in both social justice standards and align to Oregon State Standards. Students engage in critical thinking, research, exploration of current events, debate, and discussion.

Electives: Our electives change each year to represent the interests of the students we serve. Our courses have included: Psychology, Native History, The History of Social Movements, Conspiracy Theories, Cultural Literacy, Recovery Gym, Yoga, Leadership, Financial Literacy, Visual Arts, Credit Recovery, Recovery 101

Recovering Credit

One of the pieces of Harmony Academy's academic program is giving students the opportunity to recover credit they may have not earned so they can graduate with their class. We provide two options to students to catch up on their credits.

Summer School
Credit Recovery Elective