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What is a Recovery High School?

According to the Association of Recovery Schools, founded in 2002, the primary purpose of a recovery high school is to educate and support students in recovery from substance use or co-occurring disorders. Students enrolled in a recovery high school are working an abstinence-focused recovery program as agreed upon by the student and the school. Each recovery high school meets state requirements for awarding a secondary school diploma. Recovery high schools are also available to any student in recovery who meets state or district eligibility requirements for attendance, which means students do not have to go through a particular treatment program to enroll, and the schools are not simply the academic component of a primary or extended-care treatment facility or therapeutic boarding school.

General FAQ

Does my student need a release/permission from our current district to attend Harmony?

No. Harmony is built in a way that we do not have spots reserved for different school districts. So long as your student goes to school in Clackamas, Multnomah, or Washington county, you are able to start the enrollment process. 

What does it cost to attend Harmony Academy?

Harmony Academy is a tuition-free, public high school. Students pay a yearly supply fee of $150. There is financial assistance available for families who cannot pay this fee. Please reach out to our office staff for more information. 

Are you enrolling students now? Is there a waitlist?

We are currently enrolling students. As of Fall 2023, there is not a waitlist.

Our capacity is currently 44 students. This is due to classroom space available at our location. We anticipate growing in Winter 2024 which will mean our capacity for students will increase. 

Do prospective students need to have gone through treatment in order to enroll?

No. Students are not required to have completed a treatment program to attend. 

Is there transportation available for students?

Yes, there is free transportation available. Transportation is determined by where the student is currently living and their previous school district:

  • Previous Portland Public School District students have school bussing through PPS Transportation.
  • Students living outside of the Portland Public School District are eligible for a ride share company that Harmony contracts with--Assist Services.
  • The Tri-Met Bus Line 35 is short walk from the Harmony Campus. The Harmony office has free bus passes for youth available for students.

What do students do for lunch?

Harmony Academy has lunch provided through the Lake Oswego School District. Once a student is enrolled at Harmony, families can load money for lunch on their schoolcafe account. Free and reduced lunch applications can be filled out when a student's account is being created. The Lake Oswego School District recommends that all families take a look and see if they qualify. Households can qualify on the federal or the state level.

Lunch at Harmony is open campus. Students are able to grab lunch at Harmony or leave campus to get lunch elsewhere. However, they must be in their seat when class begins for the afternoon.

Admissions FAQs

My student is still in treatment, wilderness, or residential programs. What should I do?

Call or email the Harmony Office to set up a tour with our admissions team. After the tour, you can decide if Harmony Academy seems like a good fit for your student. The family and school will then set up a phone call, zoom interview, or in-person interview with the student while in treatment. The family will need to complete as much of the enrollment packet as possible and collaborate, when appropriate, with the student's current program. 

Are parents the only ones who can start the application process?

No, professionals from treatment centers, juvenile justice, therapists, social workers, and students themselves can all begin the process by calling to arrange a tour. The guardian of the student must be present at the tour.  

Can I reserve a spot for a student who is getting out of treatment, residential care, juvenile detention, etc.?

Please alert the Harmony Office of the impending release date five to ten days prior. For students who have not attended Harmony before, we will start the enrollment process. For students who have attended Harmony during the current academic year, a re-enrollment meeting will be scheduled to discuss what supports the student will need for success at Harmony. 

What if we need more time to decide?

If a student is offered an enrollment spot, the family can take time to decide if Harmony is where they want to attend. We ask that a decision is made within five business days. 

My student has an IEP [or a 504 plan]. What do I need to do to inform the school?

Please provide the main office with a copy of your student's IEP [or 504 plan]. This will help the process move more quickly. Harmony works with the Lake Oswego School District to provide special education services for students on IEPs. For students with a 504 plan, the Harmony team (including the student's parent/guardian) will review accommodations and update them as appropriate for the new school environment.

Academics FAQ

What does a normal day look like? Is there a bell schedule?

For the 2023-2024 academic year, we'll start classes at 9am. During a regular class day, we have 7 periods that last 47 minutes in length. You can find a copy of our bell schedule here.

How does grading work? Do you have quarters? Semesters?

Due to rolling admission, we have 8 grading sessions. We have found this helps students join Harmony at any point in the year and earn as much credit as they can. We send out report cards once grades have been entered at the end of each session. 

Am I able to set up an IEP/504 Plan for my student at Harmony?

Absolutely. Please alert the Harmony Office of the impending release date five to ten days prior to the intended enrollment/start date. Our admissions team would like to meet with the student in-person prior to attending (if not already done so).

Recovery FAQ

What is Abstinence Focused Recovery?

This is a process of change focused on substance use abstinence, through which individuals improve their health and wellness, live a self-directed life, and strive to reach their full potential. 

What happens if a student returns to use?

Harmony staff understands that recovery is not a straight line. Part of abstinence focused recovery is working with the student and family to come up with solutions inside and outside of Harmony. If a student returns to use, Harmony staff takes the unique situation into account, asking questions like:

  • Was this return to use at home or did it happen on Harmony campus or at a Harmony event?
  • Was this return to use alone or with others? Were the other peers Harmony students?
  • What other behaviors accompanied the return to use?
  • And other questions. 

Based on the situation, Harmony's team will work with the student and the family to provide the best support possible for the student while keeping the Harmony community safe for other students. If you are curious, please view our Individual Use and Use with Harmony Students Flowcharts.

What happens in Recovery Group?

Recovery group is a part of every student's daily schedule. During recovery group, students are able to share their experiences in recovery with one another while also receiving support and resources from their peers and from the recovery mentors leading each group. While it can be structured like a traditional 12-step meeting, recovery group does count for educational credit. Because of this aspect, every group has skill-building worked into each group so that students are learning healthy habits for their life. 

My student needs support after school. Is there an after-school program at Harmony?

We have after school activities on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. We ask that new students wait one week before attending as they are getting used to their new schedule, teachers, peers, etc. Permission forms are emailed from Kier Gunnells once a student has enrolled.