Meet our people.

Harmony Academy has a team of teachers, recovery staff, and a school board who are dedicated to Harmony's mission and vision.

  • All Harmony teachers are Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC) Licensed.
  • All Harmony Recovery staff hold their Certified Recovery Mentor (CRM) certification.
  • Harmony's School Therapist and School Counselor are also licensed in their respective fields.

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Harmony Staff

Sharon Dursi Martin
Founding Principal & Executive Director

Email: Please reach out to our office staff to contact Sharon.

Jake Sweeting
Assistant Principal & electives Teacher
Melanie Jacobson
Electives & special education Teacher
Chad Wilson
English & Humanities Teacher
Math & Science Teacher
Math & Science Teacher

Kris Rochelle
school counselor
Stacey Mahoney
School Therapist
Kier Gunnells
Dontae Mathis
Recovery Services Coordinator
Chioma Thompson
Recovery mentor
Taylor Blitz
Recovery Mentor
Caitlin Nolan
Recovery Mentor
Exson Sanchez
Recovery mentor
Starre Helm
office manager
Tracey Riddle
Office Assistant
Megan Sweeting
administrative Assistant

Harmony Board

Board Meetings

The Board of Directors meets on the 3rd Thursday of each month.