Drug Testing

Harmony has shifted to a new drug company, Millennium Health.

Here are a few things families should know about Millennium Health: 

  • Millennium has a much quicker turnaround time than our previous lab: 24-48 hours as compared to 7-10 days.
  • The results from tests are far more precise. Millennium can test for an ever-evolving host of synthetics and identify inconsistent results such as youth tampering with the test or misusing prescribed medications. 
  • Millennium offers a sophisticated dashboard that enables Harmony's recovery team to see progress in individual student results and a snapshot of the school's sobriety as a whole.

The one downside of this much needed transition is the cost. 

  • The cost of drug testing at Harmony is expected to more than double this year. As a result, we will begin invoicing families starting in December 2023 to cover a small part of the costs. 
  • Drug testing fees will be done on a sliding scale, meaning families for whom it would be a financial burden will not pay or will pay at a reduced rate. 

Want to learn more about Millennium Health?

Millennium is a nationwide company that offers data to organizations like the DEA, while still helping small organizations like ours with on-call technicians.

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More information coming Mid November 2023.