From the members of the board to the director of our school, each leader at Harmony has a story. They know the ups and downs of recovery because they’ve lived the highs and lows of the journey. And they—like our students—found the people, places and practices that helped them through.

A holistic approach

Learning and recovery go hand-in-hand, which is why our staff work closely side-by-side. A caring team of certified recovery mentors and treatment providers collaborate with educators, teachers and the principal of our school to provide the best support possible for our students.

We’re not therapists who teach or educators who counsel. We’re a diverse team of experts, each dedicated to a shared vision for our students. With these resources, we’re able to call in the right person at the right time, to help each student in the right way for them.

We know recovery doesn’t happen in a day, and it doesn’t look the same for everyone. Our approach offers resources as varied as our students.


Healthy minds and bodies

Growing evidence suggests physical activity is every bit as important as recovery goals and academics along the recovery journey. That’s why our approach combines fitness and education to strengthen students’ minds—and bodies.

A family-first mindset

Recovery takes a community. We help students and families find theirs. From on-site parent support groups to meet-ups with neighbors who share similar experiences, we offer guidance that empowers, and facilitate conversations that endure.

Here, there is no judgement, only compassion. Our people understand recovery from all perspectives and the result is a gathering place where each family member feels valued, supported and heard.


Positive peer culture

Ever notice that behavior is contagious? We have. And it’s why we’ve filled our halls with certified recovery mentors dedicated to setting the tone and serving as role models. It’s also why we know the real change agents in our school are the students themselves.